MN Taiko can provide you with all your taiko accessory needs - whether it's a bag to carry your drum or bachi or a stand for your drum.

If there is something that you can't find, contact us and we'll try and find you an answer. 



 Bachi are available in many sizes and different hardwood varieties.

The woods are listed below heaviest to lightest.

Bachi (7/8" X 16" )
Available in Hickory, Maple & Beech

Shime Bachi (5/8" X 14")
Available in Hickory & Beech (limited quantity of oak available)

Tapered Shime Bachi (custom)
Available in Hickory, Maple & Beech


Other sizes available upon request.

Prices include shipping within the Continental US.Â

If ordering in quantities over 10, please contact us for a bulk rate. 

Bachi Bags



Large Bachi Bag:  $35 

4" x 16" (Aprox.)

Fits neatly into gear bag or backpack, top entry makes for quick and easy selection.

Holds 2pr. standard bachi + 3pr. shime bachi + 1pr. tapered bachi.

Internal pocket for return I.D. and earplugs.

Side loop tabs to add carrying strap, or clip to gig bag.

Select from the available fabrics listed below.    


Basic Black: $30

With Contrasting Fabric: $45 (only Cranes & Hills)

Designed for performance use. Always have a bachi at hand!

Generous Velcro strip allows for snug fit on most Chu and Shime Stands.

Unique reversible closure allows this ready bag to be used as a transport bag too!

Holds 2 pr. shime bachi, 1 pr. standard bachi, and 1 pr. tapered bachi.

Color: Black Cordura for performance use and superior wear, with contrasting color panel or plain black.

Choose a contrast Fabric color from below.




Fabrics Available:

Taiko Scrolls

Cranes & Hills

Taiko Bags



Padded Gig Bag:  $225

(Price includes shipping within the Continental US)

 Tough nylon exterior fights off dings and scratches.

Flanneled 1/2" foam interior.

Soft case collapses for easy storage.

Top zippered opening and webbing reinforced stress points.

Color: Black    

How to Measure

1) Height/Depth from drum head to drum head.
2) Diameter of drum at widest point. This could be at the Mimi, or the drum Belly.
An easy double check is to measure the circumference, and compare.

Indicate if measurements are Drum or Case(Drum + Aprox. 2"). Custom cases based on customer measurements are not returnable. Please measure carefully.