Bachi Bags



Large Bachi Bag:  $35 

4" x 16" (Aprox.)

Fits neatly into gear bag or backpack, top entry makes for quick and easy selection.

Holds 2pr. standard bachi + 3pr. shime bachi + 1pr. tapered bachi.

Internal pocket for return I.D. and earplugs.

Side loop tabs to add carrying strap, or clip to gig bag.

Select from the available fabrics listed below.    


Basic Black: $30

With Contrasting Fabric: $45 (only Cranes & Hills)

Designed for performance use. Always have a bachi at hand!

Generous Velcro strip allows for snug fit on most Chu and Shime Stands.

Unique reversible closure allows this ready bag to be used as a transport bag too!

Holds 2 pr. shime bachi, 1 pr. standard bachi, and 1 pr. tapered bachi.

Color: Black Cordura for performance use and superior wear, with contrasting color panel or plain black.

Choose a contrast Fabric color from below.




Fabrics Available:

Taiko Scrolls

Cranes & Hills